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Monday, October 06, 2003

Europe losing interest in the 'global warming' hype?

I have just been contemplating two recent polls on 'global warming'. They are fascinating and unexpectedly consistent, though quite different questions. First, my ever-vigilent younger daughter has just let me have the position of a current poll on Discovery Europe (choose UK option):

Does global warming concern you?
No: 48%
A little: 12%
Very much: 39%
[As at this posting]

Secondly, here are the results of a poll held by The Scientific Alliance (see my Links):

Do you believe that this summer's exceptionally hot temperatures were evidence of climate change?
Yes: 40%
No: 48%
May be: 12%

These are surprisingly mature results - public opinion might be changing. I have myself detected an increasing resistence to the hype. I also think that many people in the UK, in particular, have been horrified by the recent Government White Paper on Energy (February, 2003), which, however you look it, is just utopian blowing in the wind. There is nothing like the thought of the lights going out to focus the mind. But people also judge this to be an outcome of 'global warming' angst, and they are fully aware (if they know about it) that the Kyoto Protocol is effectively dead, whatever Russia does. Less surprisingly, many folk are not too keen on the recent tax increase on petrol.

For your interest, here is a recent article of my own from Power Economics (July/August, 2003, Vol. 7, Issue 7, pp. 26-7): 'Power poverty and climate colonialism.' (Non-illustrated version courtesy of The Scientific Alliance Web Site). Time for a coffee. Philip.

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