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Monday, October 20, 2003

Good but not necessarily approved......

Thanks to Ophelia Benson at Butterflies and Wheels for bringing a most interesting deconstruction of current phobia's about technology and science to my attention: 'The fault line in the organic debate'. This is an excellent piece by Thomas R. DeGregori (Professor of Economics at the University of Houston) and readers of EnviroSpin may be just a smidgen surprised that so critical an article is featured in - er - The Guardian (Saturday, October 18). Don't be; it is in the so-called 'Editor' Section, in which selected pieces from around the media are highlighted for a mixture of reasons. Such an honour, I fear, does not necessarily mean approbation by The Guardian Time Lords. Indeed, they have even reported two of my own articles in the past! "Exterminate! Exterminate!" The original DeGregori article was published at Butterflies and Wheels (September 11) - much more fun on a chilly Sunday evening. Philip.

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