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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

My how the world changes! Who is the real Guardian now?

Both the BBC and The Guardian have been fingered recently for anti-Catholic sentiments (the one thing you are not allowed to be these days is a Christian! Oh, and if it is The Guardian, old like me. For a so-called 'right on' newspaper, it is about as ageist as you can get). Thus, while the much-maligned Catholic church is increasingly sane and sensible on science and issues like GM crops, The Guardian appears to be regressing into the Dark Ages. Here is a piece from Zenit on the Vatican and GM: 'Opening Up to Genetically Modified Crops': "The long-running debate over genetically modified crops is being examined by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Interest in what will be Rome's position on the subject is running high." "Last summer the Italian newspaper, La Stampa , ran a series of articles on the matter, starting with an Aug. 3 story that said the Vatican was opening up to the idea of approving genetically modified crops. The paper quoted the president of Justice and Peace, Archbishop Renato Martino, as saying that it is imperative to find a way to bring food to those who are starving. He also warned against taking extremist, ideologically based positions on the question, affirming the need for rigorous scientific examination of the subject."

Well, well! I wonder who Galilieo would fare better under today - the pontiffs of The Guardian (and we all know who they are!) or the Vatican? All of which exemplifies so perfectly the desperate need "... to defend the Left from a trendy segment of itself" and the even more vital need for "... the Left to reclaim its Enlightenment roots." [See below: 'Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?' (October 6)]. Taking The Guardian is increasingly like reading (or whipping yourself with) The Savonarola Sentinel (1497). And one of their correspondents looks just like the fiery Dominican - can you guess which? Flagellations all round if you can. Philip.

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