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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Striking a blow for ordinary folks.....

A warm welcome to a much-needed new web site: Wind-Farm.org. This looks highly professional, and it should provide an excellent forum for concerned people to have a genuine say about the future of their landscapes. The wind farm lobby is one of the most aggressive and arrogant, and it is vital that there is a chance for ordinary folks to comment and for local democracy to work.

Here is the opening paragraph explaining the aims of the site: "The purpose of this web site is to provide an exchange of information, news and ideas regarding the current growth of windfarms particularly in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain - Wales, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands to mention but a few. This site is not against alternative or green energy; on the contrary, it cares for the beauty and the preservation of what is left of our wildernesses. The industrialisation of these areas needs to be considered carefully and that is why Wind-Farm.org exists."

I wish it the fairest of winds. Now for a brace of partridges and a fantastic claret. A cold Sunday evening at its best! Philip.

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