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Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Terrible Twins: 'The Independent' versus 'The Guardian'

Those terrible twins! Which is the worst for environmental science reporting, The Independent or The Guardian? It's a close call, but the battle is fierce. Here is The Independent on Sunday trying win back control over the foolish speculation about the scientific results of the GM field trials due out on October 16 (see my Saturday Blog below). Frankly, both are pathetic, as trenchantly pointed out by the Royal Society, which wryly noted that the Thursday story in The Guardian "...does little more than repeat much of a similarly speculative article that appeared in The Independent newspaper on August 2." I know both are keen on recycling, but really! Do you think either has any interest in the science?

They are talking through their Wishing Hats. As I said below, I encourage all serious newspapers and readers to wait until the eight scientific papers are formally published on October 16. They will also be made publically available on the journal's web site (I will provide a link) - then be truly independent and: "Read the original for yourself, ignoring media spin." Time for tea on a cold October evening. Philip.

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