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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Wot no blogging.....!

Sorry to have been blogless for a few days, and all for a most irritating, teeny thing. Having overworked on my computer (who doesn't these days?), I then pathetically rubbed my right eye somewhat too vigorously causing a small blood vessel to break (sadly, more likely with age! Warning to all the ancient bloggers out there!). This creates a hyphaema, or blood in the front cavity of the eye.

Annoyingly, the only remedy is complete rest so that the red blood cells can sink and be slowly re-absorbed into the system. This is also necessary to allow the blood vessel itself to heal naturally. Foolishly, and stubbornly, I gave a lecture on Friday at UCL and caused it to bleed a little again. Dedicated, but stupid!

So now, it is tapes on the radio and walking around on 'cotton wool'. Luckily, I can literally see that the 'medicine' is working - it is quite interesting watching the red blood cells sinking! The whole process takes about 5-6 days, but at least it does lead to a complete clearance of the eye - unless, of course, like me, you stop the blood vessel healing by overdramatic lecturing (it was on climate change!).

I'll stop now, however, and be good, because typing is not easy at the moment, the blood cells having inconveniently sunk to exactly the level of looking into one's computer!

Mind you, I am lucky. With "Wot the butler saw!" and "The IDeS of March" in October, the newspapers and media are mercifully free of ecohype! Nothing like Royal and Tory Party gossip to clear the pages of rubbish on 'global warming' and GM!

Philip, Eyeless in Blogland.

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