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Monday, November 17, 2003

Another Brent Spar? Mandelson lands powerful punch.....

Peter Mandelson MP, long-accused of being the arch-spinner, has given a straight upper-cut worthy of John Prescott to the ridiculous posturing and spinning about the so-called 'ghost ships' (fully reported in The Independent too!) (see my November 13 Blog): 'Ghost ships: the scare that never was' (The Independent on Sunday, November 16). Here is a key paragraph:

"Peter Mandelson, the local MP, accused the groups of 'colossal misinformation' after personally inspecting the two ships that docked in the north-eastern port last week. And senior government sources pointed out that the ships - continually described as 'toxic timebombs' by environmentalists - are in fact 'no more toxic than the average car ferry'."

Well done, Peter! I hate to admit this - but I once taught Peter biogeography. Glad to see common sense on the environment got through. Philip. Tea and toast, penguin?

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