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Monday, November 10, 2003

Exposing eco-imperialism.....

Here are the details of Paul K. Driessen's challenging new book, just published: Eco-imperialism. Green power. Black death (2003). Direct links to Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc., are all provided at the web site.

This is Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore's opinion of the book: “The environmental movement I helped found has lost its objectivity, morality and humanity. The pain and suffering it is inflicting on families in developing countries must no longer be tolerated. Eco-Imperialism is the first book I’ve seen that tells the truth and lays it on the line. It’s a must-read for anyone who cares about people, progress and our planet.”

Powerful stuff - recalling the final words of Anna Bramwell's little masterpiece, The fading of the greens (New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1994, p. 208): The environment "...is the 'Northern White Empire''s last burden, and may be its last crusade."

As Private Eye might say -"Green is the new Empire Red" or "Green is the new 'othering'". The less Said on that the better!

Philip. Cerebral coffee time.

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