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Friday, November 07, 2003

Jolly hockey sticks - 'global warming' in the dock!

Here is a downloadable .pdf of the already famous paper by Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, 'Corrections to the Mann et al. (1998) proxy data base and Northern Hemispheric average temperature series.' Energy and Environment, 14(6), 751 - 771 (2003). This paper rigorously challenges the data on which the idea that we are currently experiencing the warmest period over the last 1,000 years has been based. (See blog for November 6). Read the paper for yourself and make up your own mind (always the best).

Corrected temperature curves after McIntyre & McKitrick)And here is the "corrected" graph (adapted from the original source [above] and the excellent web site: 'Still Waiting for Greenhouse'), showing that we may have got it wrong after all and that the current century is probably nowhere near the warmest of the last 1,000 years (something many scholars thought unlikely in any case from all sorts of historical and other evidence).

Boy, are the discussions over these curvaceous curves going to be hot! As I said in my earlier blog, I can see a second l'affaire Lomborg blazing across the world and web. The 'global warming' faithful are not going to be happy bunnies one bit! It will be sour grapes all round, as in the Little Ice Age (see the graph!). I hope M & M have got thick skins!

Now to plant a small vineyard like my Mediaevel ancestors! But first, as my mother would have declared, a gradely cup of tea. Philip.

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