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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

On Preposterous Penguins and 'Global Warming'.....

Although, as a Site, it is not quite my politics, I think you might enjoy the anti-'global warmers' Editorial Cartoon and Comment at Cox & Forkum: 'Warm Up' (my thanks to the boss of the excellent Black Triangle blog for this link). Isn't it funny how penguins always make particularly hilarious cartoons, from the scatological Steve Bell to the above, not to mention, of course, my own little feller typing away on his laptop. I trust this is not a severe case of global 'penguinism'.

And so to this......

THE sky is sepia over Gotham City. At Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth has just ironed the evening newspaper and delivered it to the gloomy, panelled study.

“Have you seen this story?” Bruce Wayne cries out. “The Great Antarctic Ice Shelf is melting away. The Arctic has holes in it, and the igloos are turning to water!”

“Holy penguins! The birds are all falling into the sea!” Robin declaims.

“No! Unholy Penguin! The dark over the city is not natural; it is Penguin-made, from his smokestacks and dread industry. The world will boil if we do not stop him. Let’s go, Robin. The longer we tarry, the more dire the peril. To the Batmobile! Emission impossible…..”

Yet, by a rubbish dump, in a jet-black alley on the other side of the city, the Joker laughs. This’ll burn him out, the Cape Candle and his Boy Blunder. And they don’t know – even I can’t control the sun! Damn it! Climate change! I wish I could! But where is that accursed Penguin? The thought of light hurts my eyes! (To be continued…..)

Philip, who really adores penguins. I must now waddle off to the 'Great Wen'. Ciao.

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