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Monday, November 10, 2003

Organics get a taste of their own medicine.....

Now, I never expected to see this splendid (and rather funny) comment piece and organic food report in The Observer (November 9) (and relating to its rather PC and 'right on' Monthly Food Magazine too!): 'Organic? No thanks!'. Here is the opening salvo from the comment piece to whet, or not to whet, your appetite:-

"It was the cheeses which did it; the five grim, rubbery, flavourless specimens, which died on the tongue and murdered the spirit. Throughout a long, dreary day, I and chef John Torode had been taste testing 80 organic products in 16 different categories. It seemed a good idea at the time. After all, sales of organics are booming, as we learnt last week with the news that they have just topped £1 billion a year. Britain is now the third biggest consumer of organic produce in the world after the United States and Germany. The time had come to see what was out there."

"The results, as you can read for yourself in today's Observer Food Magazine, were dismal."

And here are the full results from the Monthly Food Magazine: 'The great organic taste test'. I just love some of the critical, uncompromising assessments, such as: "When raw it looks odd, all pale like a boudin blanc, and it tastes odd too, probably because of the high cereal content. Bad."

It's amazing what rich people will pay a premium for to support their daft life-style myths! One up to The Observer - reality reporting in a largely colour supplement, 'Ab Fab' world. "No! Seriously darling!" Top marks.

And just to show you that I'm not biased, I'm off for a refreshing mint tea! Philip goes Menthal!

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