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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Well folks, today I shall be back 'blogging' on air, this time on that jewel of a programme, 'The Moral Maze' (BBC Radio 4, 8.00 pm). Goodwife Stott says that it is quite in order to mention this here, "as all bloggers do it." Solipsist lot, aren't we?

Anyway, quite independent of this, the programme should prove a must for readers of this particular blog because the subject tonight is..... climate change. "The environment and global warming - whose moral responsibility?" "And what is the legacy we should seek to bequeath to future generations?"

The panel, as ever, is a good one, with Claire Fox, Michael Gove, Ian Hargreaves and Steven Rose, plus three or four witnesses, like yours truly. And all will be chaired by the splendid Michael Buerk.

So, don't miss 'The Moral Maze' this evening for a really hot debate - 8.00 pm GMT, BBC Radio 4. And, if you are out of the UK, you will still be able to listen to it either (a) live online at: BBC Radio 4 (choose Listen Live button to the top right) or (b) later from the recorded archives at The Moral Maze (choose Go to latest programme for the first week and then after this Recent Programmes). Enjoy.

Philip, daring to be a Daniel - getting ready for the fiery pit. Coffee.

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