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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

And after Russia, Canada.....?

As I thought - when Canada changes its PM, it is likely to become decidedly lukewarm over the Kyoto Protocol: 'Ibbitson: Why he's prepared to abandon dying deal' (The Globe and Mail, December 3):

"Jean Chr├ętien, this week's prime minister, told reporters that Canada should live up to its Kyoto commitments, whatever happens. But Mr. Martin, next week's prime minister, made it clear -- provided one employs a Universal Political Translator -- that he continues to have grave doubts."

And here's The Toronto Sun (December 3) - 'Long way to Kyoto': "Prime minister-to-be Paul Martin said yesterday his government will fulfil its obligations under the Kyoto Accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but not until there's a better picture of how it can be implemented."

I guess it might not be too long before the Canadian Bear surreptitiously follows the Russian Bear. It's beginning to look like Sweden and the UK are out there on their own! Margot and Tony dancing the PC waltz! Can I bear it?

Philip. Upun my word, yes! Lunch (Pooh Bear).

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