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Thursday, December 18, 2003

And now The Economist weighs in for Lomborg and for free speech.....

Hard on the heels of The Financial Times comes an excellent snippet in the heavyweight The Economist (December 18): 'A reprieve for free speech'. Here is what The Economist thought of the original finding:

"This finding, and the total absence of evidence or argument to support it, struck many as bizarre. Having read the DCSD's report, we ourselves concluded, 'The panel's ruling—objectively speaking—is incompetent and shameful.'"

Absolutely. Five stars***** for The Economist too! They have done particularly well to get this into their latest issue. Now, let's see what The Guardian and The Indy do? They are a day late already!

Philip. And so to bed. Tomorrow will be another Pepys into the anti-Enlightenment world of our (non)-modern media.

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