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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Five stars to The Financial Times on Lomborg's vindication.....

As the first serious UK newspaper to report the overturning of the decision against Bjorn Lomborg (and in a fine 'Editorial Comment' too), The Financial Times gains our Five Star reporting rating*****: 'Lomborg cleared' (The Financial Times, December 18):

[The decision] "... was damningly overturned by the Danish Ministry of Science, which found that the committees had not discovered any bias in Mr Lomborg's choice of data and that criticism of his working methods was "completely void of argumentation". The criticisms continue. The committees used sloppy and emotive language that - perhaps deliberately - obscured the fact that they had in fact cleared Mr Lomborg of gross negligence and an intent to deceive. They failed adequately to assess whether they had proper jurisdiction over the book. They used improper procedures. They failed to assess whether Mr Lomborg's work had been peer reviewed. They had not offered Mr Lomborg a chance to respond. And they allowed his accusers too much time to make their case."

"That is enough about the Danish committees on scientific dishonesty; suffice it to say that the science ministry has at last restored Denmark's sinking scientific reputation. Now scientists, politicians and the media should attempt to learn... lessons from this ludicrous episode."

Do read the whole comment. Congratulations to the old FT. But where is The Grauniad et al., I wonder? We are waiting! I think some apologies are in order.

Philip. Coffee and a toast to Lomborg.

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