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Monday, December 08, 2003

The new Private Frazer Prize - goes to - The Indy.....

With The Turner prize yesterday evening having gone to a potty transvestite, I now propose to award (regularly) 'The Private Frazer "You're doooooooomed!" Prize' for the pottiest paper prognosticating environmental doom and gloom.

With wearisome inevitability, this week's prize must go to .....da!da!da! daaaa! - The Independent on Sunday - indeed for two pieces, namely the following, as well as a page from 'Old Meacher's Almanac', the Prince of Doom himself writing: 'Melting ice "will swamp capitals''' (The Independent on Sunday, December 7).

I suspect that other newspapers will have some job wresting this award from The Indy, although, on occasion, our tear-stained friends at The Grauniad (surely now The Groooooaaniad) might provide some strong competition. (You know who I mean? John, Paul, George, and Ringo [now who is the odd one out there?]).

Doubles all round! And just watch those ice cubes melt! Philip (recalling the fact that the English Channel was only formed some 7000 years ago and that lovely Rye was but a short time past 'next-the-sea' - so unusual changing sea-levels, aren't they? "Now why is there a fossil sea cliff over there, daddy?").

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