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Friday, December 12, 2003

Two old fossils together.....

Hey, I wouldn't mind this little feller as my very own daemon, in the style of Philip Pullman: 'Oldest marsupial ancestor found' (BBC Science News Online, December 12 - great picture).

Two old fossils together - she (with daemons it nearly always has to be the opposite gender, you may remember) possesses such a lovely name as well, Sinodelphys - very Pullmanesque. And if she had a tiny marsupial pouch, it could be mighty useful for hiding things like paper clips and tots of whisky. I wonder how she would get on with Lyra's Pantalaimon?

And, of course, all those fanatic 'global warmers' would just love to associate me with Dark Materials! It's all the Dust you know!

"Come on there, Sino D, time for tea". Lord Philip. (Or as they say in Edinburgh, "You'll have had your tea, then!").

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