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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Boston, Buffalo and Providence increasingly chilly about 'global warming'.....

Well, dudes, just look at this (from Don Sutherland's The Winter Center - 'Forecast Discussion', New York, January 11, 2004):

"Yesterday [January 10] saw near record and record low readings, as the coldest air mass in a decade covered the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states."

Minimum temperatures (Fahrenheit) included:
Albany: -11
Baltimore: 6
Boston: -3 (record low)
Buffalo: -7 (record low)
Burlington: -11
New York City:1
Philadelphia: 4
Providence: -1 (record low)
Richmond: 14
Washington, DC: 8

And to turn the icicle yet further into the heart: "As cold as these readings were, there is increasingly strong model support for an even colder air mass later this week." Possibilities are:

Boston: -10 to -7
New York City: -6 to -3
Philadelphia: -5 to -2

Grief! Those little ducklings will be in trouble on Beacon Hill!

Meanwhile, Canadians are also praying for some 'global warming'.....

Here is the weather situation for Canada, 10 January:

"The intense cold of the Pacific west has moved across to the east, and is currently responsible for temperatures of -27 Celsius (that's -17 Fahrenheit - brrrrr!)and below!

With the extreme cold, electricity consumption has skyrocketed as residents of Manitoba try to keep warm. Over the course of this weekend, the temperatures may well creep up a little, but it looks as though they could plummet once again at the start of next week."

In the extreme cold, together with high winds, the fire fighters are having their work cut out responding to emergencies. Fires in New Brunswick were very challenging to put out due to the extreme weather." (From: 'Weather News', BBC Weather, January 10).

Shiver my timbers! Mr. Blair is going to have a hard job persuading Mr. Bush about that warming world. And even Canada might start to cold shoulder Kyoto once again.

Philip, as mild and warm-hearted as ever.

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