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Friday, January 16, 2004

Code blue emergency.....

'Global warming' is on hold folks. It is two decades since Boston and New York experienced such a long stretch of bitter cold. Here is a splendidly graphic piece of reporting: 'Freeze shocks cities into stillness' (USA Today, January 15):

"Meanwhile, the second arctic blast in two weeks was expected to continue today for the coldest stretch in nearly two decades. Record lows were predicted for dozens of cities, including New York; Boston; Providence; Hartford, Conn.; and Newark, N.J. The record low atop New Hampshire's Mount Washington — minus 34 degrees in 1934 — also was expected to fall."

'Cold Mountain' indeed!

And here's the weather for today: 'Bitter cold, blustery winds and subzero wind chills retain their icy grip on the East' (USA Today, January 16):

"A low of 1 degree was reported overnight in New York's Central Park, matching the record set on the same day in 1893, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Silva. North of the city, in White Plains, the temperature dipped to zero, he said."

Help - the Ice Age cometh! Get pumping out that carbon dioxide at once! Where is the Mammoth Protocol?

Philip, I'm staying across the pond. "But have the little ducklings survived on Beacon Hill?" Ice-breaking news needed urgently.

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