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Monday, January 12, 2004

Cold comfort for the 'global warming' faithful.....

My apologies for no full blog today - I have been busy broadcasting. But here are two noteworthy items relating to some of my own recent rantings:

Melanie Phillips has written a powerful version of her original blog (see January 10 below) for her Daily Mail column (January 12) (The Gang of Three at SIAW won't be happy bunnies as they wait around in their socialist burrow): 'The global warming fraud':

"So global warming has become big business."

"This is ironic. For it is yet another variation of left-wing, anti-American, anti-west ideology which goes hand in hand with anti-globalisation and the belief that everything done by the industrialised world is wicked. The agenda to cripple this world is revealed by highly questionable assumptions made by climate modellers about likely developments in economics, technology or population movements, which affect emissions and consequent temperature predictions."

And here is The Christian Science Monitor (January 12) on that record-breaking North American freeze (see blog for January 11): 'As temperatures plunge, a nation dons earmuffs':

"Global warming? Fuggedaboutit! North Americans have had a universal case of the shivers in recent days. Sweeping across the country from the Pacific Northwest to New England, the Polar Express brought storms and bone-chilling cold."

"For many cities, there were record low temperatures: 19 below zero at Montpelier, Vt.; 16 below at Syracuse, N.Y.; 7 below zero at Scranton, Pa. St. Johnsbury, Vt., bottomed out at 27 below, eight degrees warmer than Whitefield, N.H., at minus 35 degrees for the nation's low. Even Georgia, Alabama, and Florida had freeze warnings."

I just love the "Fuggedaboutit!"

Philip, still worried about those little ducklings on Beacon Hill. They have no ear muffs, I'm sure. And what will they do if the ice doesn't quack.

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