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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Melanie Phillips in excoriating form .....

Melanie Phillips has long-held sensibly sceptical views about the modern construct of 'global warming'. But yesterday she was magnificent, responding magisterially, like a latter-day Boudicca, to the latest climate-change hype from Sir David King: 'The global warming scam' (January 9):

"The British government's chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, has said that global warming is a more serious threat to the world than terrorism. His remarks are utter balderdash from start to finish and illustrate the truly lamentable decline of science into ideological propaganda."

"That's why this week's earlier eco-scare story, that more than a million species will become extinct as a result of global warming over the next 50 years, is risible. All that means is that someone has put into the computer the global warming scenario, and the computer has calculated what would happen on the basis of that premise. But -duh! -the premise is totally unproven. The real scientific evidence is that -- we just don't know; and the theories so far, linking man, carbon dioxide and climate warming. are specious. There's some seriously bad science going on in the environmentalist camp."

This is uncompromising, non-pusillanimous stuff, and she is correct - enough is enough! It really is time to expose the nonsense that is being pedalled in the name of 'global warming'.

Here is melaniephillips.com.

Philip, deeply impressed. Breakfast.

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