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Monday, January 26, 2004

The real story of DDT and death from malaria in the Developing World.....

Here is the newly-configured, and now famous, Malaria Clock (presented by Barry Hearn) showing dynamically in real time:

(a) the total number of cases of malaria since DDT was banned;
(b) the total number of deaths from malaria since DDT was banned;
(c) the number of pregnant women and children who have died from malaria since DDT was banned;
(d) the number of people who have contracted malaria and who have died from malaria whilst you have been browsing the malaria clock.

Is this an eco-imperialism too far? Unsurprisingly, some countries are now re-introducing the use of DDT and rightly so.

This clock should lie very heavily on the consciences of the 'green' movement.

Philip, for once far from flippant. Beware eco-imperialism - it is a growing and arrogant curse.

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