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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Well, well! Wonders will never cease.....

Granted it is in true Guardian style, but the 'Environment' page finally sort-of apologises to our doughty Viking warrior, Dr. Bjorn Lomborg: 'EcoSounding' (The Guardian, Society Supplement, Environment, January 7):-

"Belated congratulations to Bjorn Lomborg, eminent recipient of an EcoSounding award for contrarian of the year. Just before Christmas, the author of the Sceptical Environmentalist, who last year had been found guilty of 'scientific dishonesty' by a panel of Danish scientists, was cleared of the charge by a committee of Danish government scientists."

Well done lads. Late, but nevertheless welcome. Let's hope you become 'bjorn-again' sceptics like good ol' me.

But what of The Washington Post, a point just made at Easterblogg (January 6):

"The New York Times, which also lent prominence to the accusation against Lomborg, gave prompt and fair coverage to the withdrawal of the accusation. Science magazine, the world's leading technical journal, reported Lomborg's vindication. Now how about you, Washington Post - only accusations count as news? We throw mud but we don't wash it off?"

Philip, 'the keeper of the bull in the village' = Viking 'Stott'.

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