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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I never say "I told you so", but.....

Alex K's latest report speaks volumes of common sense: 'GM opposition "was overestimated"' (BBC Science/Nature News Online, February 19):

"A national debate across the UK about people's views of genetically-modified crops probably exaggerated the strength of anti-GM feeling, researchers say." Quite.

And (one hates to admit this) the government is absolutely correct to progress (as with all other novel products) step-by-step and crop-by-crop. We have regrettably allowed the debate to become idiotically polarised, with nonsensical hype on both sides. GM is neither the Salvation of the World nor the Great Satan. Now let's get down-to-earth and pragmatic - some GM crops will be great in the UK, others neutral, while others will prove unacceptable. And that's it. To reject or to accept GM outright would be equally foolish options.

And just watch the GM production from the states about to join the EU.....they won't hold back, and rightly so.

Philip, 65% mushroom - if not Fungus the Bogeyman to some! Nearly lunch.

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