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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Is The Guardian Letters' editor on her/his half-term break.....?

Wow! Three Groaniad letters against Kyoto and three pro GM. The Letters' editor must be on half-term holiday!

(a) 'The case against Kyoto';

(b) 'Planting a GM future'.

[The Guardian, February 21].

Help! I'll be out of a blog soon. (Sorry! Forget that - no worries! The Independent [February 22] is always reassuringly there to provide the pure and unalloyed sensationalist hype! Ever heard of seed-quality preservation genes, by the way?)

Now when is that Guardian Comment editor taking a much-needed break?

Philip, off to lunch. I can smell the gorgeous coriander and carrot soup Dr. S. has just concocted! Not just a famous historian, you see!

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