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Monday, March 01, 2004

Reasons to be cheerless on this bright sunny morning.....

1. Reading tear-stained articles in The Groaniad by Madeleine Bunting entitled: 'Reasons to be cheerless' (The Guardian, March 1): "The meaninglessness of modern life exposes us to such despair that we need more than a stiff upper lip to cope." Grief!

2. Er, that's it... enough gloom, Ed.

After all, our hero, Peter Jackson ("We loves it, we loves it, forever!"), and the fabulous Ms Zellweger (from 'In pictures: Oscar winners', [BBC Entertainment News Online, March 1]) (and as predicted by EnviroSpin in Magic, music, and mildew on 'Cold Mountain', January 5 blog) both won their well-deserved Oscars. There's justice in them thar cold hills after all.

Put out more bunting, say I.

Philip, off to broadcast.

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