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Monday, March 22, 2004

Yet more fun and games on 'global warming' and Kyoto.....

I don't know what it is, but 'global warming'and 'climate change' continue to throw wonderful spanners into their own nefarious works. Three beauties today:

(a) In New Zealand, the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers clearly haven't heard of all those lovely climate models - they have splendidly started to grow and advance again: 'Glaciers advance' (The Stuff, March 21): "Glacier guides at the popular West Coast destinations confirmed Fox lengthened about 10m over summer while Franz Josef grew several metres in places along its terminal face. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research scientists are doing an annual snow and ice survey of 48 glaciers along the Southern Alps this month." Must be Saruman!

(b) As if a million or so climate-change variables aren't enough for anyone, scientists have now come up with yet another one - 'tar balls' (an apposite comment on the whole 'global warming' scenario?). And this one cools: 'Scientists find new carbon pollution called "tar balls"' (Eureka Alert, March 19): "While black soot is the major absorber of sunlight in the atmosphere, tar balls may also be absorbing sunlight."

(c) And, finally, British industry at lasts wakes up to the dangerous nonsense that is the Kyoto Protocol: 'Emission cuts "are risking British jobs"' (The Sunday Telegraph, March 21): "Furious executives warn that the UK will pay the price of going green in lost jobs, rising power prices and lack of competitiveness." Just wait 'till it dawns on them that 'greenery' over energy will also have no predicatable effect on climate change whatsoever.

Hey ho! It is indeed a mad, mad world.

Philip, warming to the fun. And so to bed.

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