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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Headline mayhem.....

Well, shiver my glaciers! Today's good old Groaniad carries a more cautious 'global warming' headline than The Times:

'Global warming may melt Greenland's ice, warn scientists' (The Guardian, April 8);
'Catastrophe alert over melting ice from Greenland' (The Times, April 8).

One may say, one up to The Gloomiad there then. And the climate models may, of course, just melt into oblivion.

Moreover, The Gridiron also undoubtedly carries the best story of the day about Banksy and his exhibitionist museum rat: 'Smell a rat? Natural History Museum exhibits an unnatural specimen' (The Guardian, April 8).

So, with that excellent report in the 'Life' Section (see previous blog below), this is truly 'The Day of the Graunffid' (Seumas Milne notwithstanding, of course).

Philip, building up courage to look at The Independent! Coffee first.

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