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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Labour Party at its very best.....

Genuine congratulations to David Bowe MEP, Labour's environment spokesman in the European Parliament. This is brave stuff. Labour will have my vote in the forthcoming MEP elections:

'Labour MEP calls on Commission to approve GM corn' (News, The European Parliamentary Labour Party, April 27):

"Too many anti-GM campaigners indulge in tactics which should have gone out of fashion at the end of 17th century witch hunts. They merge new age mysticism with anti-scientific mumbo jumbo and hope that if they scream loud enough and long enough it will drown out rational argument."

"The answer to them is to improve Britain's dismal record of scientific education, not to cave into their pseudo-logic. That way more people will be able to make their own well-informed judgements on the science without having the wits frightened out of them by a rag bag alliance of the reactionary and the science-phobic."


Philip, after that, quite looking forward to lunch. Now where is that GM corn.....?

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