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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Day after.....

Trenchant review of The Day after Tomorrow in USA Today (May 24): '"Day After Tomorrow": a lot of hot air': "As a scientist, I bristle when lies dressed up as 'science' are used to influence political discourse. The latest example is the global-warming disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow." Read on. No comment from me required.

And here is another, truly scathing, review from, of all places, Fox News itself (May 25): '"Day After" and $200 Million Short': "Hilariously awful in most places, with an incoherent script and questionable acting, 'Day After' will come on Friday and the question will be: Can innumerable, mind-numbing special effects, nearly all of them created on a computer and placed in what can only be called a random order, overcome sheer inanity?"

Philip, far more terrified, of course, by Harry Potter's Dementors! Now they do leave one cold! Salad?

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