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Thursday, May 27, 2004

How big a howler is The Day after Tomorrow? Vote now .....

The Times critic howled with laughter when he saw The Day after Tomorrow. How many howls does the film deserve? (5 = one of the worst 'science' films ever).

Have fun, and do vote - in the sidebar, on the right. Thanks.

And here, just to keep you going, is our very own Bjorn Lomborg's recent review of the film: 'Entertaining discredited ideas of a climatic catastrophe' (The Australian, May 27): "The second let-down is more fundamental: none of the movie's thrilling developments could happen."

And Philip's verdict: save your hard-earned cash for Harry Potter. Far more adult and much more fun. Magic even.

Philip, enjoying hearing the wolves howl. But, as The Times critic warned: "If you are being chased by packs of wolves in frozen Manhattan, head for the Public Library with a cute girl and a box of matches." And, if you would like to hear the wolves howl, then go here (.wav file - sound on, please) at the excellent The Searching Wolf Web Site. Moreover, instead of wasting your time watching the film, why not visit the superb Wolf Park for a much better, real-life, experience? Tea time.

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