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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

'Kyoto-ism', or Russia and Kyoto: from the samovar's spout.....

An illuminating report of the important Breakfast Meeting on the Kyoto Protocol held with Andrei Illarionov, chief advisor to President Vladimir Putin, at The Adam Smith Institite on Tuesday, May 18: 'Kyoto "a totalitarian ideology", says top Putin advisor':

"Andrei Illarionov, chief advisor to President Vladimir Putin, addressed an audience at the Adam Smith Institute today on key policy issues. Clarifying Russia's position on Kyoto, he said: 'Kyoto would result in an economic holocaust for Russia. Kyoto-ism is another example of totalitarian ideology like Marxism, communism and socialism. Russia has imported those ideas from Europe and suffered badly in the twentieth century. Kyoto-ism would lead to the creation of bureaucratic monsters at national and supra-national levels that - through allocation of emissions quotas - would be a blow against basic human freedoms and human rights, and would decide the fate of nations, companies and people worldwide.'

He went on to describe the science behind Kyoto as 'deeply flawed'. Viewed over the past 100 years, the increase in global temperatures may appear significant. However, over a longer period it becomes obvious that global temperatures vary a great deal - largely as a result of natural phenomena. The current global temperature is lower than has been observed at other times in the past 1000 years.

Last Friday Russia's Academy of Sciences concluded that the Kyoto Protocol 'has no scientific foundation'. It also stated that the Protocol does not achieve the goals of the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change, and in fact would be economically harmful to Russia and global development generally."

Да, да деиствительно! Хорошее сказанное. [Help! I hope that's right for "Yes, yes indeed! Well said!"]

Philip, with Mr. Illarionov all the way. Tea anyone?

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