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Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday meanderings in the Metasphere.....

Lots of delightful snippets today from the Metasphere:

(1) The best acronym for The Day after Tomorrow = DAfT;

(2) The shortest (5 word!), but most trenchant, review of DAfT is here (Hat Tip to Norman Geras): Matt Welch;

(3) An interesting deconstruction of the politics surrounding DAfT is here: 'The Hijacking of "Tomorrow"' (The Daily Standard, May 28);

(4) A long, but equally thoughtful, review of DAfT, by our very own Richard D. North, is here: The Financial Times (apologies, but registration required);

(5) Do not miss Professor Fred Singer on DAfT and laying waste to the 'global warmers' here (sound on, folks): 'The Jeremy Vine Show' (BBC Radio 2. And here is 'The Jeremy Vine Show' Message Board, on which there are already lots of comments re 'global warming'. Do feel free to join the fun;

(6) And lastly, a redoubtable response from our good pal 'downunder', Barry Hearn, re yesterday's blog on my patio heater:

"So, now we know, Philip! UHIE is actually the result of affluent Englishmen attempting to control the climate! Obviously we Southern Hemispherians will have to correct the world by immediately installing patio and garden air conditioning (refrigerated, of course) to counteract the unnatural warmth generated by all you Northerners, thus restoring the natural balance!

There! Another problem solved - and in time for tea, too!"

Good on yer, mate! And we hope to be able to grow POMegranates too!

Philip, a true pomum granatum (wisdom, of course). Coffee.

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