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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Enough of DAfT - back to our serious poll on Kyoto .....

Well, that's enough of our Howlergram on The Day after Tomorrow. The result was, however, a howling success - just wolf it up:

No howls = 2%; 1 howl = 1%; 2 howls = 0%; 3 howls = 0%; 4 howls = 5%; 5 howls = 85%; Haven't a fog = 7%. Well done everybody. Glad to see both scientific and cinematographic standards have been upheld.

Now, I have re-activated our long-term serious EnviroSpin poll on: Is it time to ditch the Kyoto Protocol on climate change? (Do please vote if you have not done so already - on the right. Thanks.)

At the time of its re-activation [the posting of this blog], the poll stood at:

Is it time to ditch the Kyoto Protocol on climate change?

N = 1675

Yes = 91%;
No = 8%;
Don't know = 1%.

Let's keep it going.

Philip, "Oh! Why on Earth can't we vote electonically in the UK!" Postal voting is a disaster. The biggest democracy in the world - India - did it; why can't we? Where's Herr Haydn? Time for a Coffee Concert.

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