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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Quotation of the day.....

Ramon Margalef (1919 - 2004) was one of the founders of modern ecology. His internationally-renowned books played a great part in my own ecological training and teaching, especially his 1957 book, The theory of information in ecology, and Perspectives in ecological theory (1968), the latter based on a course he taught at the University of Chicago. Sadly, Margalef died on May 23, aged 85, but I was delighted to read this sensitive Obituary in The Guardian (June 1): 'Ramon Margalef'.

For our comment of the day, I would like to quote directly from the Obituary:

"For Margalef, ecology was 'a network of knowledge to understand how things are', and not a propaganda call for saving this or that animal from extinction. He could be scathing about sentimental environmental campaigners."

I empathise entirely. The hijacking of careful ecological science of the type so brilliantly espoused by Margalef himself by the untested and wild assertions of 'environmentalism' is a cause of much damage to both science and society.

Philip, hat tip to a fine scientist. Margalef's focus on the need for proper water management was also way ahead of its time.

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