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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Sweden raises a glass to GM beer.....

Well, here's a news item to make one smile: 'GMO-öl på systemet' (DagensHandel, June 8):

"Det skånska genmodifierade ölet Kenth som tidigare sålts, men tagits ur sortimentet på Ica, har fått något av en revansch sedan det införts i Systembolagets ordinarier sortiment."

Which, I think, vaguely reads something like: "Sweden's state alcohol retailing monopoly Systembolaget started selling genetically modified (GM) beer 'Kenth' in its stores..."


"The GM beer 'Kenth' will be available in Systembolaget's stores in the county Skane, southern Sweden. Clients will also be able to order the beer at Systembolaget's stores countrywide."

And here is one reported earlier - a happy chap with a bottle in his hand: 'Premiär för GMO-öl'.

"Well done, Sven!" Now I can really cheer on the lads! And to any anti-GM party poopers out there: "Consumer choice, matey. Skol!"

Philip, hoping he can get a bottle or two online. Dinner - only a good claret, I fear, this evening. C'est la vie!

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