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Friday, June 04, 2004

Tasty crumbs for curious mice.....

I cannot commend enough this extremely interesting and thoughtful post at the Crumb Trail blog: 'Fluxology' (June 3). This is not because the piece is kind to me, but because it adds so much more to what I wrote in my own June 3 blog, 'In ecology, we should watch our language.....'.

Particularly telling is the following passage:

"The failures of the Club of Rome cohort of ecological doom mongers have altered the thinking of more astute ecologists, and advancements in the study of complex adaptive systems (CAS) have informed others. The concept of control is now understood to be not just a quaint relic of an immature past, but an impediment to understanding systems and formulating appropriate interventions. Unfortunately, this makes policy development difficult since it takes place within antique sociopolitical contexts still mired in steam age ideologies. The same tired concepts of control are put forward though they are now sometimes tarted up with CAS language."

I recommend a full read. For intellectually-curious mice, Crumb Trail is always worth the nibble.

Philip, amazed at the quality of much of the blogging world. "I say, Mad Hatter, this is neither crumby nor crummy. Tea, Dormouse?"

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