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Friday, June 11, 2004

Treat nuclear power as renewable energy, says Sir Crispin.....

Here is an excellent report from Alex Kirby on a well-argued case: 'UK charged with nuclear "fudge"' (BBC Science/Nature News Online, June 11):

Following James Lovelock's support for nuclear power, Sir Crispin Tickell, former UK ambassador to the United Nations and warden of Green College, Oxford, has now justly accused British politicians of failing to give a lead on nuclear energy. Sir Crispin rightly declared that nuclear power ought to enjoy comparison with "other forms of renewable energy" in making policy.

I could not agree more. As further reported, Sir Crispin said:

"Next I reproach them for fudging nuclear issues. I believe the word 'nuclear' is now banned from No 10 Downing Street."

"One of the conclusions of the Chatham House study was that public opinion was persuadable if anyone wanted to persuade it." [cf. the lack of confidence in the UK government with the planning for nuclear waste in Sweden, for example].

He also said that the UK should be investing in new fusion technology in the Iter project, the world's biggest nuclear fusion reactor.

Sir Crispin further commented: "The problems of true cost, safety, proliferation, security, risk and the rest should be examined in a complete overall assessment of nuclear against other forms of renewable energy to lay a proper foundation for debate and future policy."

Philip, completely enfused! Whenever Sir Crispin is mentioned, I just have this vision of Camelot, King Arthur, etc. "Shall I get the round table out for tea?"

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