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Thursday, July 29, 2004

And this after all that 'global warming' hype.....

For the last ten years or so, the UK has suffered from a constant stream of hype about the perils of 'global warming', probably more so than in any other country. During the last three years, in particular, the hype has often reached screaming pitch. Moreover, much of the media has been unforgiveably uncritical in relation to this hype and they have largely failed to grill government, as they would in relation to virtually any other topic, about the basis for their support for the Kyoto Protocol and for their consequent drastic energy policies.

And yet, despite all this, we now have a little survey, reported by Alex Kirby: 'Britons unsure of climate costs' (BBC Science/Nature News Online, July 29):

"Climate change came last of the list of important issues facing the UK, chosen by 53%....."

"..... 43% of respondents said they expected climate change to have not very much effect on them personally, with 9% saying it would have no effect at all."

Reading Alex's report carefully, it is also quite clear that a lot of the answers given are in what we might call 'automatic PC mode', which is hardly surprising after all that hype!

Philip, at last a warm, golden morning. Coffee on the patio? "Oh! Just look at that HYPEricum! It's wilting a little."

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