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Monday, July 12, 2004

Bravo! 'Global warming' - Professor David Bellamy tells it as it is.....

At last, we have someone brave enough in the UK to stand up and tell folk that the great 'global warming' myth is just plain "poppycock". Moreover, this is none other than 'Green' guru and TV star, Professor David Bellamy. I applaud him. Indeed, I think David has done us all a favour. He has demonstrated to those of us who have been striving hard to bring some sense into the discussion of climate change that we have been too polite and too 'understanding' of those politically-promoting the myth. It is time to emulate David and to start to tell it as it is, without entering the usual gentle caveats. This is precisely what David has just done in one of the most trenchant articles ever to appear on the topic: 'Global warming? What a load of poppycock!' (The Daily Mail, July 9 - sadly, not yet on line, though it will be later, I believe).

Here is just a sample of pithy quotes from this wonderful, uncompromising piece:

"The link between the burning of fossil fuels and global warming is a myth. It is time the world's leaders, their scientific advisers and many environmental pressure groups woke up to the fact."

Whatever the weather.... "Someone, somewhere - and there is every chance it will be a politician or an environmentalist - will blame the weather on global warming. But they will be 100 per cent wrong. Global warming - at least the modern nightmare version - is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists."

"As a result of their ignorance [i.e., politicians and environmentalists], the world's economy may be about to divert billions, nay trillions of pounds, dollars and roubles into solving a problem that doesn't exist. The waste of economic resources is incalculable and tragic."

"... carbon dioxide is not the dreaded killer greenhouse gas that the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro and the subsequent Kyoto Protocol later cracked it up to be. It is, in fact, the most important airborne fertilizer in the world...."

"The real truth is that the main greenhouse gas - the one that has the most direct effect on land temperatures - is water vapour, 99% of which is entirely natural"

"Up and down, up and down - that is how temperature and climate have always gone in the past and there is no proof that they are not doing the same now."

And so on, and so on. Every line in this excoriating, yet popular, comment rips apart the the crass nonsense that is the modern nightmare myth of 'global warming'.

Bravo, David! Expect a furious, and personally abusive, tirade against you. Yet, as I intimated above, I think you have bravely shown us that it is time to come out with all guns blazing and to blast a mighty hole in this doomladen cloud of unknowing.

Philip, fired up anew for the battle. Let's not pussyfoot around any longer. Let's shout it out loud and clear: "Global warming is scientific and political poppycock!" Out with the patio heater and time for coffee.

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