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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Fair prospects for all.....

Do not miss this important piece from the July issue of the ever-excellent Prospect magazine: 'Worldly wealth' (Prospect, July 2004):

"Can everyone on earth be rich? Not rich in relative terms - in a world of billionaires, millionaires would feel poor - but in terms of the lifestyle choices that today only the rich enjoy: in particular, in stuff (personal technology), space (low-density living in proximity to nature), and speed (geographic mobility). The world's population is expected to stabilise at around 9bn and then decline.

Can 9bn people enjoy stuff, space and speed?

The austerity school says no. The earth's environment will be devastated if 9bn human beings attempt to enjoy the average standard of living of a middle-class individual - much less a rich person - in Europe, North America or Japan. Not only should the majority of the world's people resign themselves to poverty forever, but rich nations must also revert to simpler lifestyles in order to save the planet.

But the pessimism of the austerity school is unfounded....." [read on]

Philip, with the fair prospect of seeing his grandson this morning. Don't miss our little newspaper quiz (above). Coffee?

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