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Thursday, July 22, 2004

'Global warming' theory is collapsing all around us.....

The conservationist, Professor David Bellamy, has just called the whole 'global warming' paradigm "poppycock". Serious new research at The Max Planck Institute has indicated that the sun is probably a far more significant factor than any anthropogenic emissions, Dr Bill Burrows, a climatologist and a member of the Royal Meteorological Society, concluding: "Perhaps we are devoting too many resources to correcting human effects on the climate without being sure that we are the major contributor." The so-called recent temperature 'spike', known as 'the hockey stick', has been unmasked as a statistical artefact, while 'The Medieval Warm Period' and the 'Little Ice Age' have been 're-discovered'. Moreover, the very latest research has shown that there has probably been no real warming, except that which is surface driven. And in Russia, 'global warming' has been likened to Lysenkoism.

Study after study is bringing the global warming' paradigm into disrepute.

Now, I would like all readers of 'EnviroSpin' to monitor the British media to see if these new studies and doubts are being fully and accurately reported. It is important to remember that politically-hegemonic myths are extremely powerful in their sub-conscious ability to exclude evidence and research that undermine their essential power. If you find that these new studies and doubts are not being reported satisfactorily, then I would ask you to write simple, quiet letters to editors and producers asking precisely why they are not being reported in the UK?

As a long-time observer of the 'global warming' scene, it is interesting to watch what has been happening lately. It feels a little bit like sipping Earl Grey tea on the terrace of the famous Foreigners' Club at Sorrento and looking out across the seemingly serene-blue Bay of Naples at the brooding silhouette of Mount Vesuvius. As with all paradigm shifts, the initial tremors are often difficult to detect, but then, suddenly and unexpectedly, there comes a Plinian event that causes a true 'Vesuvian' eruption and a dramatic paradigm shift.

The 'global warming' corrective volcano is currently spewing out only minor lava flows and plumes of smoke. Nevertheless, I predict that, in the none too distant future, 'global warming' will be buried, like Pompeii and Herculaneum, beneath an eruption of Plinian proportions. I would advise you to look to the very basics of the theory; from where precisely did many of the most fundamental assumptions and statistics for 'global warming' models derive?

The political and scientific fall out could be spectacular. I do hope Dr. David King sees it coming first, or, like Pliny the Elder, he could crumple, amazed, before the 'terrorism' of scientific reality.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the government is hell bent on promoting a ludicrous energy policy that is destroying valuable habitat, all in the name of this great 'global warming' myth. The eruption can't come soon enough.

Philip, just watching and waiting. "Another cup of Earl Grey, my dear?" "No, time for a bottle of Lachrymae Christi, I think." "Grazie, Antonio!" "Just look at that wonderful wine red sky across the Bay....."

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