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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I told you so.....

Here's a comment, just up, on the first of those BBC 'global warming' programmes that the Bard and I have been warning you about all week (see below): 'Global warping' (Number Watch, July 2004):

"In a midday presentation on July 28th the BBC broadcast a television programme called 'Global Warning' (the first of three). It was possibly the most one-sided piece of blatant propaganda that has ever been transmitted in Britain in time of peace....." (read on).

The comment concludes:

"Lord Reith, the illustrious creator of the finest broadcasting organisation in the world, must be, as the cliché has it, spinning in his grave."

It does seem to have been extremely bad. In the light of the recent critical science, this was clearly unacceptable broadcasting. However, I wonder? In my experience, overhyping can backfire badly and I have a sneaking feeling that this might too - mind you, everybody's away on holiday, or out enjoying the sun, so it probably won't matter.

Philip, feeling a touch like King Henry V - "I was not angry....." Need for a cuppa.

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