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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Janus at The Guardian.....

Here are the two faces of The Groaniad:

Janus Facing East: a truly delicious parody of Prince Charles and his ilk by Catherine Bennett: 'Prince Charles on the wheel and other useless inventions' (The Guardian, 'G2 Section', July 15):

"Readers who have enjoyed the Prince of Wales' contributions in the fields of health and nano-technology may be interested in these extracts from his recent speeches and articles....."

Covers: 'The internet'; 'Speech to the Royal College of Surgeons'; 'Alternative transport'; 'Technology article for the Independent on Sunday'. Here's a taster:

"I recently had the privilege of meeting members of the Wiccan community at Highgrove. As we toured the leech farm, one of these marvellously wise ladies asked if I could not help stimulate public debate about the incalculable risks posed by Mr Harvey's theory on the circulation of the blood."

Janus Facing West: by contrast, a piece in the very same 'G2 Section' that is totally beyond parody: 'Do try this at home. How to eat meat and dairy products ethically.' (The Guardian, 'G2 Section', July 15):

"· Make a real effort to cut back on the amount of meat and fish you eat.

· Visit an organic farm. For a list of those open to the public, contact the Soil Association.....

· To learn more about how to give up meat completely, contact the Vegetarian Society....., the (Vegan Society.....) and the Fresh Network website. For some stomach-churning facts and figures about meat production, visit the Compassion for World Farming website.

· Remember that eating 'cheat meats' doesn't necessarily absolve you from being responsible for damaging the environment. Many are soya-based, and soya is typically intensively produced in areas where rainforests once stood....."

This is so 'precious' that even Gollum would guffaw. One doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry!

Philip, thanking God for Ms Bennett! And remember that fruitarians only eat the fruit once it has fallen from the tree - naturally! Only in Notting Hill! Pip! Pip!

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