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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Nuclear power slowly returning to the UK agenda.....

Thank goodness that plain commonsense about energising Britain is at last beginning to dim the lights in the Greens' utopian world. Two interesting reports in today's The Sunday Telegraph:

'Time for Blair to go nuclear?' (The Sunday Telegraph, July 11):

"As demand for power soars, even 'green' nations are building nuclear plants. Britain faces an energy crisis unless it follows suit ....."

'Nobel prize-winner's reactor offers safer, cleaner nuclear power' (The Sunday Telegraph, July 11):

"A revolutionary nuclear reactor that can recycle its own waste is being studied by the Government as a future source of energy for Britain.

The reactor, which is being developed by a Nobel prize-winning Italian scientist, is said to eliminate the risk of disasters of the type that devastated Chernobyl in 1986. It can also use radioactive waste from other reactors - as well as from its own - as a source of fuel, minimising any environmental problems and reducing the cost of generating electricity.

By offering these benefits, scientists believe that the reactor will ensure that nuclear power plays a greater role in future energy policy. Conviction is growing among governments and some environmentalists that without nuclear power the world will face an energy crisis."

It sure will, and the UK could be one of the first to suffer. So come on, Tone - no more blowing in the wind, let's get real about our energy needs.

Philip, 'fission an' chips' all round in the future. Tea first, though. And let's have more nanotechnology and less nannytechnology from Prince Charles.

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