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Monday, July 12, 2004

You've heard of the Princess and the pea.....

Now, of course, we have the Prince and the pinhead. He just can't sleep a-night because of this nanotechnology thing lurking under his mattress. Such a sensitive chap, our Charlie. Must be truly royal.

But what is this, begad? A noble Lord, one Winston of Broadcasting House, has dared to question the Prince's tiny worries - gadzooks, never: 'Prince accused on science fears (BBC Online Science/Nature News, July 12):

"Fertility expert Lord Winston has accused Prince Charles of raising unfounded scientific 'scares' following comments he made in a newspaper."

Off to The Tower with him! The Keeper of the Silver Pinhead must be informed at once.

But, just in case HRH might like to read some more balanced stuffing on nanotechnology to send him sound asleep abed, may I Humbly recommend the following:

The Institute of Physics: 'What is nanotechnology?';

The Institute of Nanotechnology: 'Nanotechnology - What is it?' (includes a thoughtful comment on ethical and social considerations too).

In the meantime, I do wish the Prince might try to exercise the precautionary principle about so dangerous a rash of nannytechnology erupting throughout the State. This is far more frightening than any teeny little tube. Mind you, I'm sure nanny would approve most firmly of a self-cleaning window, not to mention of a self-cleaning nappy! All that goo!

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