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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A plague on both your houses.....

No, not Michael Howard (God forbid!) and Tony Blair this time round (what a load of old 'global warming' garbage yesterday and today, by the way. Howard's speech, in particular, was pure vacuity and desperately embarrassing hurricane opportunism), but.....

The new all action Series of the critical environmental programme, 'Home Planet', continues again on BBC Radio 4 today.

This week's topics include, inter alia, bird baths and disease; the Black Death, plague and rats (always a happy programme!); slow worms, grass snakes, and wrynecks; and, slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails. As ever, lots of jollity! Don't miss old Stotty ratting on about the plague and being chastised by Our Derek!

If you are in the UK, the programme is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 every Tuesday afternoon at 15.02 BST, directly after the news summary; if you are outside the UK, you may still listen to it, online, via the BBC 'Home Planet' Web Page:

(a) on the day in question at 15.02 BST, choose the 'Listen Live' button; or, (b) for one week after the first broadcast, choose the 'Listen Again' button; or, (c) after one whole week, select the relevant date under 'Previous Programmes'.

Philip, reminding everybody, over coffee, that the plague is just lurking round the corner..... "Yer sin ia pestis recently?" That'll get a flea in my ear. "Rats and rabbits! Now where did I put that Camus I was reading? Such a pest!"

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