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Friday, November 12, 2004

And now we know why the French really hate America.....

'Rampant Louisiana crayfish threaten future of French frogs' (The Independent, November 12):

"Transatlantic relations reached a new low yesterday amid reports that a species of voracious giant crayfish from the United States is nibbling away at the French coastline.

The humiliation, for France, is compounded by the fact that the crustacean abomination - Procambarus clarkii - hails from Louisiana, the former French colony which France sold for a trifle in 1803.

The invader delights in preying on delicate French frogs and defenceless tadpoles, as well as devouring little fish and aquatic plants....." (read on)

Cleary originally from Clarkii County! Now, that really is how to get your own back!

Philip, all for Crayfish and Frog Risotto followed, of course, by Louisiana Trifle. What a purchase!

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