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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Those 'Guardianista' letter writers well and truly bushwhacked.....

The most glorious moment of all.....

The Presidential Results for Clark County, Ohio, 100% of precincts reporting:

Bush (Incumbent): 34,444 (51%)

Democratic, Kerry: 32,824 (49%)

Non-Partisan: Badnarik 183 (0%)

Non-Partisan: Peroutka 144 (0%)

Swing to Bush: 9%.

The Groaniad strikes again! A red letter day!

It's all that 'false consciousness'! They really took you for a bunch of interfering, arrogant, European know-it-alls! (Martin Kettle, of course, excepted.) Long may you pen your self-inflated missives.

Here, by contrast, is a good piece of analysis from Kettle: 'Deal with it' (Guardian Unlimited, 03 November)

Philip, enjoying a true moment of voterfreude!

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