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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

An absolute gem from The Groaniad.....

Oh! This little item brought tears to my eyes. From today's (usually tedious) 'Eco Sounding' in the 'Society Section' of The Gloomiad - 'Car wars' (The Guardian, December 8):

"The University of East Anglia, home to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, is planning to build a £10m multistorey car park. With 16,000 staff and students, it regrets it needs more space for vehicles consuming fossil fuels, but promises better bus services and cycle parking facilities. Planning permission has been granted. Many academics, students and local residents are appalled. 'UEA should set an example for a pioneering, university-level sustainable transport solution,' complains Mike Hulme, executive director of the Tyndall centre. 'Free bus passes for first-year students!' urges Andrew Boswell, a lecturer and member of the local sustainable transport action group."

For once, I even feel some sympathy for the Tyndall Centre (not much, mind you!) Crocodile tears all round. It's quite fun when reality hits home.

Philip, off to broadcast on Sky about the UK's abject performance on emissions - and now you know why!

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